One app. One feed.

Subso helps you navigate the vast content landscape by joining all creators' socials into one.

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Stop switching between apps

We were tired of spending time swiping between apps, scrolling for hours on end just to find a piece of content that lasted 10 minutes. All the while, our social media feeds were polluted with content we didn’t care about. We wanted a simple, one-stop-shop for all of our content - a place where we could follow our favorite creators, explore their content and subscribe to their notifications.

It was then that Subso was born. Two teenagers on a mission to help people navigate the vast content landscape. And that’s all Subso is - you don’t even need to create an account if you don’t want one. We’re not some corporate company, some sales-driven app, we’re just two kids having a fun time building an app that solves our - and hopefully your - problem.

We’ve been using Subso actively while building it, and it has made exploring content a lot more fun and simple for us. Since you can add your own favorite creators to Subso even if they’re not in our system yet, we were able to add in all of our friends whose content we really love to keep up with.

We can’t wait to see how you use Subso and how it helps you. Be sure to Tweet us what you think @SubsoApp!

- Robert & Scott, Subso creators.

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Supporting the world's most popular platforms

We’ve built Subso to support the top social apps, and we’re only ever adding more. Infact, we’ve even built a system to automatically detect extra social channels for all of our creators, ensuring you’ll always get the best content.


Don’t know what to watch?

Worry no longer. Subso’s here.